Ulises Pereira Obilinovic


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About me

I am postdoctoral associate at the Xiao-Jing Wang's Lab at the Center of Neural Since at New York University. Previously, I was a PhD student at the Department of Statistics at the University of Chicago, advised by Nicolas Brunel. Currently, I am working in the interplay between unsupervised and reinforcement learning in large-scale brain networks.

You will find more about my academic background on my CV.


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  2. Vera J, Pereira U, Reynaert B, Bacigalupo J and Sanhueza M. Neuronal resonance in the theta (4-10 Hz) frequency range is modulated by dynamic changes in the input resistance. Under review. [bioRxiv]
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In preparation

  1. Pereira U, Aljadeff J, Brunel N. Chaos with Associative Memory Properties in Attractor Neural Networks.
  2. Gillett M, Pereira U and Brunel N. Unsupervised learning of sequential activity with temporally asymmetric Hebbian learning rules


You can contact me writing to u[dot]pereira[dot]obilinovic[at]nyu.edu.